DLMVIEW - The Windows Viewing and Exporting Program

DLMVIEW Windows software aids in downloading captured data from a DLM200 or DLM400 Data Line Monitor to a Windows PC.

Sample Screens

DLMVIEW Welcome Screen
DLMVIEW Functional Screen showing HEX and TEXT

DLMVIEW Functional Screen showing  TEXT Window in Medium sized font


View data
Captured data may be viewed in any font size in any combination of TEXT, Hex, or Dump format.

Manipulate Data
The data can be exported in text to be emailed or modified by the user.  The data may also be searched in a variety of formats.

Log Data
If you need to capture more data than the the DLM's memory, then you may use DLMVIEW to LOG the data to the PC at the same time it is captured.  Your captured data file is limited only by the size of your hard disk.

Control Remote DLM from your PC Keyboard
The DLMVIEW software has a Keyboard control screen which you can use to control your modem to dial a remote DLM200 and execute all functions including running a BERT or modifying Menu settings remotely.

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